Thursday, November 29, 2012

Free courses

You can "go" to Harvard free in the privacy of your home. How about "Introduction to Computer Science?"

Remember auditing? Taking a college course free—no credit, but also no payment?

Harvard, Duke, Stanford, AZ State, University of Virginia, Univ of Edinburgh, Weslan Univ, Columbia, and the Univ of Illinois are just a few of the universities offering online courses free.

These are called MOOCs—massive online courses.

Sometimes they are sort of soft info—such as how to make life decisions.

Some educators say this may be a game changer as college gets more expensive.

Still, dropout rates from MOOCs can be as much as 90%. Students may not stick with it.

Usually, too, these are not the same as paid courses—the schools do not compete with themselves.

Does taking a free course lead to enrolling in a paid curriculum. This is just one question schools are trying to answer.

I remember taking an early morning math course in PBS when in HS—all I recall was how cold it was in the TV room.

Still, it’s good to learn—and I don’t see why these could not be included in a resume.

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