Friday, November 16, 2012

Gettng paid to get healthy

You’d have to pay me to go to a gym. Wait—Humana will!

Ken Alltucker, AZ Republic, Nov 16, 2012, says health plans are now extending more carrots to members—pay for gym visits ($20 a mo for 12 visits), buying healthy food, and walking a certain number of steps a day.

At the gym, every time you swipe you card—your employer is informed…


Half of United’s business customers opted for this feature.

Many already went to the gym and this was a bonus. But others did sign up.

One study at Harvard showed that wellness programs reduced health claims by almost $1500 a person.

United also offers a wellness coach.

Customers get cholesterol kits for self-monitoring.

Humana also gives a 5% discount for veggies at Walmart.

This also increases morale.

I can see that—I am sitting here kinda sick and my morale is not the best.

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