Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Holiday office etiquette

Remember when they had etiquette books—Emily Post? Miss Manners? Quaint.

It may not be in a book—but a wrong move can cost you in the office situation.

Should you get the boss a present? Depends—do other people? Maybe your office has a secret Santa setup—you get another coworker a gift. Giving the boss a gift can be misconstrued.

You don’t owe anyone a gift—if you get one, don’t lie and say yours will be coming tomorrow…Just say thank you.

Gifts should not be clothes other other personal items such as cologne.

Also around the holidays—what about charity and fundraising. This can be for a soup kitchen or a colleague’s kid’s school. Set an amount, say $5, and stick to it or just say no thank you and wish them luck.

The boss’s kid? You’re on your own!

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