Thursday, November 8, 2012

Internships again

Am I looping?

Well, young grads still can’t get a starter professional job, so many are still working in an professional environment for free or a pittance. So here goes again on internships.

Supposedly, 78% of companies hire interns.

Before you start your internship, learn all about the company.

While at your desk, forget the personal email and Facebooking. UNLESS--you have been asked to work on the company's social media program--which is also something you can add as a skill if you are good at it.

If everyone around you is scrambling, ask for more work. “How can I help?” is a good one.

If someone asks you to sit in an a meeting—grab the chance.

Always dress professionally.

Be passionate and enthusiastic.

And get to know people—these are your future networkees.

To get started--check out

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