Monday, November 26, 2012

Learning from your rmistakes--ugh

I hate it when that happens—you have to learn from a mistake! A friend quit her job after a promising interview, and now the new one is not quite to the offer stage.


Don’t dump the bird in the hand and let it fly off.

Writing for the AZ Republic, Nov 25, 2012, Morgan Dowling says if you don’t get a coveted job, it natural to wonder why.

It’s OK to ask why if you are not resentful. Listen to the answer, don’t counter every point or offer excuses.

The most common reason is a lackluster interview—you didn’t ask enough, sparkle enough, seem to want the job and they responded by being pro forma and blah.

Research the company—get some talking points.

Never bring up other bad interviews.

Of course, it could be the credit check—those are tripping up more people these days.

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