Friday, November 23, 2012

Packaging can set you off

You can be job hunting, opening rejection letters, trying to find money to fix the washing machine--and you go to get a pill or glass of milk--and there is some infernal tab, foil seal, or hardened plastic matrix that could resist an atomic blast--and you lose it!

Of course, scientists have studied how freakin' annoying this is--but do designers?

Ann Lukits, WSJ, Nov 20, 2012, talks about the worst packaging for those with sore hands.

I HATE ALL PACKAGES and I don’t even have arthritis in my hands—at least not too badly.

But—me aside—an article in The Journal of Hand Therapy said those new-fangled peel-off tops are the worst because they take so much strength. What is that glue--barnicle slime?

They are darn tight! I use the “Psycho” method—jab with a knife while going “eee eee” like in the movie of the same name.

Anyhow, thus study enlisted 100 Swiss people around 60 years old—they had all sorts of hand issues—including carpal tunnel. There were also 400-some controls in their 50s with no hand issues.

Sure enough, the hand issue people could exert only 53% of the force to peel back tops. Aluminum tabs were slightly easier to grip than plastic.

I hate those cardboard covered with foil ones on mayo. Time for Psycho.

Jam jars with screw lids were also hated. For those, I smack it flat down on the counter—lid down. It seems to loosen it immediately.

Now…about those stupid milk cardboard things with the little plastic tab. Someone needs to go to the Hot Place for inventing those.

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