Monday, November 5, 2012

Supposedly someone might buy a house

In the usual lust to find good news in this mess, the housing market is touted as recovering. Out here in Phoenix, a lot of the buying is coming from rich investors, but you can sell your house if you are not upsidedown.

Ellen James Martin, AZ Republic., Nov 4, 2012, emphasizes that people buy houses on emotion. Make it look good, smell good, have pleasant associations. Even investors have emotions.

First, put in nice landscaping. Big bushes make houses look smaller, so trim them back.

Paint the front door or replace it. Make sure the lock works—nothing like struggling to even get in.

Empty the cat boxes, get rid of stinks. Smell is very emotional. If the smell is in the carpet, get professional cleaning.

Put in fresh flowers.

Although—once on FLIPPING OUT, designer Jeff Lewis put a bowl of carrots and rutabagas on a kitchen counter and the home owner walked in, saw it, and snapped: “What am I? A farmer?”

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