Thursday, December 20, 2012

Do you love what you do?

Some days, I wonder if I do. All the ailments this year, the economy, humor comes hard at times. In the Oct 18,2012 WSJ, Rachel Emma Silverman write about what makes people happy at work.

The company has less than 100 people.  This makes people 25% happier.

If you supervise others, you are 27% more likely to be happy.

If you help others, are a caregiver--this will make you 75% more likely to be happy.

Skilled trade workers are happier. Fifty percent happier.

Not being in your forties. People in their forties are likelier to be grouchy.

A company called Delivering Happiness at Work did this study. Involved was Zappos chief Tony Hsieh.

Other surveys show if people are happy, productivity, sales and creativity are up.

Many other factors go into being happy--being proud of your employer, for one. Whether you feel you are learning.

I guess I must be pretty happy blogging--do you guys read this? Like it? Am I taking care of you?

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