Tuesday, December 18, 2012

State schools skyrocketing in price

Who says going to an in-state college is such a bargain? According to a story by Scott Thurm in the WSJ, Dec 15, 2012, these universities can run well over $20K a year.

And that is not covering costs--the state govts must pitch in a ton! Yet, on average state portions are down over 20%. Medicaid, prisons and lower ed are gobbling up the funds.

This means state schools are trending toward being self-supporting, which means high tuition.

And--this means huge survey classes of 500 kids and possibly elimination of majors and cutting of quality.

Even the "diverse" students are not being offered as much money, either.

Soooo...have a nice Tues.

I think this comes back to deciding if college is really what you want and need to proceed in life. It is no longer a given.

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