Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wresting your money's worth

The WSJ had a story by Ellen Byron (Dec 12, 2012) on how newly thrifty people are cutting, gouging, squeezing, and bludgeoning the last drop of face cream and shampoo out of bottles.

So don’t feel like a Scrooge. It’s the rage!

With plastic tubes you can cut off the end…or slit the whole thing.

With little jars, scrape your finger around the bottom inside.

Shake contents downward in bottles.

Add water.

Store bottles upside down.

What are you missing? Well, with a jar, as much as 10%. Toothpaste tube, 3-5%. Squeeze bottle, 2-6%. Shampoo—up to 10%! And those dip-tube pumps—a quarter!

I pull those tubes out and rub the stuff on me.

So there!

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