Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Can we be more resilient?

Last year, with Mom's death, the continued lunacy in DC, many ailments and setbacks, knocked the pulp out of me.

I am not the chirpy type--all evolved and resilient. Sometimes things suck. My glass is not half full or empty--there is not even a darn glass!

Uh-oh, someone needs to bounce back!

Yeah, well...

One guru says we are like rubber--we can return to our old form.

Tell Gumby.

But--of course--we all know most of us will suit up and get on with it. Like we always do. To that degree, we are rubber. But maybe we can't erase the past--some of us.

Plus--cooing positive people who urge us to look at the bright side all the time can use some erasing themselves. We all have our own style.

So, if you feel like a dope because you can't shake off the negatives, I have news for you. You are human!

Now try to do one fun thing today--OK?

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