Monday, January 28, 2013

Degree--no classes, no tele-education

Caroline Porter, WSJ Jan 25, 2013, says the University of Wisconsin is going to award degrees to people who can pass a battery of tests of their knowledge.

No classes required. The tests will be given online.

This is sort of a response to the MOOC thing--Massive Open Online Courses--which give people free knowledge from big schools but don't add up to a degree.

About a fifth of the people in Wisc have some credits but no degree. Wisconsin calls it the Flexible Option. It will be offered this fall in info tech, diagnostic imaging, and nursing.

There will be a fee, to be determined--but it will be less than tuition.

Wisconsin's governor Scott Walker plans to finish his degree with it--he left school in his senior year for a good job opportunity.

We are going to be seeing lots of permutations, kids. It's not your parents' college degree anymore.

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