Thursday, January 3, 2013

Do you trust your gut?

I don't know about you--but my gut is always babbling about something--do this, do that, try this...

Sometimes I just want a nap.

I liked a show called Startup: Silicon Valley--on Bravo--I guess it ended, these things come and go. Anyhow, it was about some young people developing apps and courting investors.

One app was a sort of scale-mixed-with-a-balance dealie you stood on to measure your health somehow--also if you changed something, jogged more, ate less, you entered that someplace and then it told you--on the spot--how the change had altered your life expectancy.

Well, my gut told ME--forget this! They were young--what a hoot. But as you get older and the wheels start to come off, you don't really want to know how your future has changed.

Anyhow, these are gross statistics applied to an individual--I think. I never did have it straight. But I know THAT does not mean much.

I am thinking of dropping DO THE HOPEY COPEY--the blog you are reading--but then I think I should add more blogs.

My gut hurts from all this reacting.

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