Thursday, January 24, 2013

Grrr....smartphones are dumb

Screens, ringtones (why not say "rings"?) this stuff is everywhere. People call me and then start swearing at some driver--ack, they on the road.

Or I send a long, and (naturally) witty email and get "OK" back--then "Sent from my phone, Verizon, blabbety-blah."


It's not OK.

I am just bitter--I am home a lot. I don't need a cell and don't have one. My kid is obviously twisted because she is young and also does not want one.

Scott Elbin, Government Executive Magazine, Jan 23, 2013, says he even saw a TV in a public john.

People text in movies, during meals, even sitting in my office.

Doesn't this say addiction to you?

Sometimes, Elbin says, you need to leave the phone behind--or else you WILL check it during a meeting. (There is a photo of the whole Obama family during the Inauguration--all four of them on their phones.)

Also, try meditating--no, not with a phone app! You are hopeless!

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