Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hiring autistic workers means thinking literally

Anita Bruzzese says more companies are hiring people with the unique brain wiring that classsifies them as "autistic."

Austistic people are usually very intelligent, hard-working and dedicated--they just may have some quirks and look at things differently than you do.

The key is not to isolate these folks and give them only simple tasks.

For one thing, the applicant may take questions in the interview literally. When asked what they would do with $50 if they found it, the person might say, "Put it in my pocket."  The supervisor needs to tell them no, give it to the manager--they will.

A noisy workplace with a lot of interaction with workers and customers may be a bad fit. Jobs in quality control--looking for changes in a pattern--may be a good one.

People with autism tend to be very focused. They don't stand around the water cooler--they work.

Think about it.

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