Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hot--and not--in coming months

First, I am not doing 2013. I am doing Wednesday. So Happy Wednesday.

I had seven friends, relatives, or friends of friends I knew about die in 2012. I had weird-ass ailments, ER runs. Forget even thinking of a year...can't do it.

So....on Wednesday, what might we be looking at in a day or two...according to USA Today in a story by Bruce Horovitz, look for the Duracell Powermat--some battery operated thing to charge batteries on all your smart doohickies.

Or how about cool shaving--Braun CoolTec. Makes your face feel...well, cool. This will come some day in the Fall. Also--heard of cool tissue?--I had some tissues with something in them that made them feel cold. Weird.

How about sports dog food--you know, for active, for performance, etc. Cats have this--for fat, furball-afflicted, indoor and indolent.

How about smartphones for babies? Mickey or Minnie calls and says time to use the potty.

Age-defying shampoo. This is Pantene. Makes hair fatter.

Fat hair. Yeah, I like that one.

And last but not least, some weird powder to put on veggies. We used to call that salt.

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