Friday, January 11, 2013

In case of Zombies...or whatever

Out here, Arizona way, with this loose talk of gun grabs, some people are getting kinda Doomsday Preppy.

Even the government sort of joked about how to put together a Go-Kit "in case of Zombies." (We'll be needing those guns, too, guys.)

To fill your emergency preparedness kit (and empty your bank acct), go to

In addition to water and batteries and flashlights, the feds remind us about baby food, dog food, hygiene products, cash and maps, to name nut a few necessities.

Matches, rain gear, towels, gloves, duct tape, sheeting, bleach...the list is endless.

Are you supposed to carry this someplace or just hunker down in place--depends on the nature of the emergency.

Cell phones are great, but a two-way radio might be better.

I once got interested in this, got a huge jar of peanut butter, then eventually ate it. I guess I am destined to be Zombie chow.

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