Tuesday, January 29, 2013

PEEVED! High tech sites are so messed up!

You'd think a high tech site--like a website host or a blogging host--would be able to boil down the technology and spoonfeed it to idiots.

But nooooooo.

First, I use Blogger for this and my other blogs. They took a few-click system into a hellish "two-ways to compose, both lose spacing between paragraphs when you press PUBLISH" system.

Of course, Google, which owns Blogger, has no interest in customer service, so we users huddle in a user group and try to keep each other from defenestrating.

Then I got a domain name--http://thwim.com--from GoDaddy! OMG--GoDaddy can go! I tried for two days to craft a one-page site...one page! Changes did not appear for a day or more. They tell you that! Emails result in an Incident Report that they don't answer for 33 hours.

When I tried to buy more pages for a website--it said I needed to load a better browser. I spent half an hour doing that--and it said I needed a better browser! Got my money back.

Then I went to another host--first, it upsold me a bunch of bells and whistles I learned I was supposed to UNCHECK! Got my money back for those. Then it said it had "hundreds" of templates--try 50 instead. All were lame and generic. Cancelled that whole thing.

You'd think a tech place could do this--you'd be wrong.

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