Thursday, February 14, 2013

Arizona matchmaker 'splains it all

Srianthi Perera, AZ Republic, Feb 13, 2013, profiles AZ dating coach and matchmaker Joann Cohen.

First, Cohen says, don't believe H'wood style movies or romances in which the woman is a nut and pushes the man away and he always comes back.

That doesn't happen.

As a matchmaker, she only takes men, interviewing them extensively and then MAYBE matching them with women from a list of 400 she has developed.

She also follows up after the first date.

The qualities she finds men look for are attractive, deminine, appreciative, sane and drama free. Jeez--how interesting is that?

Women want safety, sense of humor, financial security, good ethics, and an accepting nature.

Thus sounds kind of 1950s to me--back to the future. Oh, well, it's OK to be single.

By the way, I still hear from many old boyfriends 40 yrs later.

Happy V-Day all!

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