Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chew gum, don't text!

Walking and texting--wise up, you could get hurt.

Honestly, I am getting impatient with you people and your phones. The distracted calls as you negotiate traffic, the short email responses wrenched from a tiny keyboard, the pointless communications made so easy.

Sure, I am a slug sitting next to a Bakelite phone of ancient vintage, ready to devote my whole attention to you!

Now in Government Technology magazine, Karen Stewartson writes about the dangers of walking and
"phoning."  Something called Injury Prevention surveyed some people in Seattle--and a third of them were doing two things at once crossing the street.

Texting was the biggest offender.

What were they doing? Listening to music, texting, talking on the phone, dealing with a child or pet, or talking to someone else.

This resulted in jaywalking, disobeying the light, and not looking both ways.

Well, you know what the next sound might be?


If you even hear a sound.

By the way, on the gum chewing, I read fewer people chew gum nowadays--walking or doing anything else.

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