Friday, February 22, 2013

Govt warns your car could be hacked

I know someone who paid money to get OnStar installed in their cars. Also I know people who use Bluetooth in their cars.

In the January/Feb issue of Government Executive Magazine is a scary story about how hackers could not only listen in on you, but make your car brake in traffic and kill you.

They are looking into this. Check it out: They call it Car Hacking.

There are at present no rules for car cyber-safety. Ooops.

Nightmare scenarios include accessing the car through not only OnStar and Sync, but the CD player, iPod, keyless entry, and other sensors.

Yes, the manufacturers are putting in their own controls. You need to decide if this is hysterics or a real menace. I would say potentially sucky.

Worth knowing about, anyhow.

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