Monday, February 11, 2013

Mistake in your credit report? Check the picture

The CBS show 60 minutes took a break from promoting the administration and tackled the credit reporting industry on Feb 10, 2013. It needs to get its buds in the Obama admin to tighten up on the industry!

Like that will happen.

Take a look:

Seems that if you find an error--say one that ruins your life--you have no recourse.

Some offshore "customer service" people in Chile will just put you in a pile.

No matter how many certified letters, lawyer letters, and complaints and corrections you shower on them, nothing will change.

You will still be tagged with other people's debts or debts you have paid off.

Is this against the credit reporting laws? Of course. And your point is...?

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Star Lawrence said...

Just saw a news story about how the govt regulates this and companies who are challenged on a debt claim have to respond in 30 days. What a crock!