Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mom--Big biz wants you back

According to Leslie Kwoh, WSJ, Feb 20, 2013, some companies are reaching out to women who left to raise families.

Many companies realize they lost valuable assets.

Consulting companies seem to be leading on this--McKinsey & Co, Boston Consulting Group.

Even Goldman Sachs has a "returnship" program for people who haven't worked in several years--usually this also means they have children.

An expert said companies should be focusing on this pool just as they do on recent grads.

Many left because the company was not family-accommodating--and returnees face a different atmosphere, with fewer guarantees and a less stable workforce.

Regaining confidence can be a problem. Most returnees require an adjustment period.

McKinsey has a phaseback program.

What does this amount to? Well, maybe a crack in the wall of thinking people who have been Moms a while have little to offer.

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