Friday, February 15, 2013

Teeny tiny apartments

I had a 600 sqquare foot apt in DC--and I miss it! It had my office, a full-size pine tree in a pot, a divided bedroom (curtain) for my kid and me and it was dandy!

Ula Ilintzky, AP, writes about other strange people like me who like compact spaces. Less to clean, less to junk up.

New York is famous for these pocket places tucked away. And now a whole building of micro units is being built.

San Francisco has approved a 220 square foot lower limit.

Of course, there are fold-down beds, ottomans full of folded chairs for when company comes, and a TV that slides over to reveal a bar.

One owner said he has dreams of an enormous apartment--which terrifies him.

I remember a townhouse below M Street in Georgetown that is about 10 feet wide. Very cool. Within a second, you get used to stepping around people.

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