Thursday, February 28, 2013

What if historical figures tweeted

I am weak, sick, and need the funny! Joe Queenan got riffing on the tweet fight between Justin Bieber and Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney (who?) and then wondered what if others had used this slap fight medium through history.

Alexander Hamilton: The presidency is 4, like, really smart dudez like Thomas Jefferson.

Alexander Hamilton: Aaron Burr should b happy 2 b vice president. At least he gets 2 keep all that filthy lucre.

Aaron Burr posts nude photos of the former Treasury Secy on his Facebook page and then tweets: Bring ure gunz up 2 Weehawken, u lily-livered mountebank.

Burr supporter tweets: So, like, u don't even know who ur pater familias is.

Another adds: That's why you will never get your pockmarked puss on a benjamin. No 1 will ever say it's all about the hamiltons.

He also Does Ben Hur, Al Capone, the Hatfields and McCoys. Hey--who says were are getting wussified? Do you ever think twice about Twitter?

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