Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Yes, in some urban areas--chickens

Arizona is a little casual about livestock. We pass horses in a field going to the library.

And in some of these little burbs here, you can keep chickens. Not the gated communities, of course--they are way too high-life.

First, check your local laws.

You buy chickens in feed stores. So you need feedstores. They cost about $3-$4. You may get pullets (girls) or not--it's a crapshoot.

You need a coop. Build one or get one--at you guessed it--the feedstore.

Chickens have to be six mos old before they lay eggs. Chickens can stand heat--but they do need water and shade.

Predators can get them--out here we have coyotes, javelinas, bobcats, owls, hawks and dogs. Whew. Danger, Will Robinson!

Maybe you need to put a wire fence over the whole thing. One woman says her chickens come when called by name. There goes that Sunday dinner. This gal even brings them indoors in cat carriers on cold nights.

Man--they are living! And laying, I hope.

PS The neightbors may not love Foghorn T Leghorne and his morning wakeup call--which can continue all day.

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