Friday, March 29, 2013

Do you feel disruptive?

Bryan Kramer (?) says sometimes you need to be delightfully disruptive. I think he means in a marketing sort of way, not a yelling fire in a theatre sort of way.

First, don't think you know what your customer wants, he says. Go to where the item is sold, watch.

Bryan also loves the phrase, "Eat like a bird, poop like an elephant."  That lost me because he was saying keep things simple--do you get it?

Delight with the unexpected is also disruptive, he says. This means going beyond the promised. Most of my eBay vendors do this--they send a cute note, a little extra sample. I am in AZ and someone in Mississippi gives me a little sussie.

Try to use storytelling--see how I did with the eBay story? This is also why I love testimonials in marketing materials. People read those first. Just like they read the PS first.

I am not sure this all amounts to be being disruptive--but Bryan's use of that word sucked me right in, which is good. like a bird, poop like an elephant...hmmmm.

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