Friday, March 1, 2013

Get testy about tests!

Don't just go along with medical tests! The doctor says, well, let's get an MRI--ask what it will show that will affect your treatment that was not shown by the x-ray!

I have been blasting away recommending the site. Now 17 specialities have come up width a list of 135 tests and procedures--some around for decades--that should be seriously questioned.

More is not better! You don't necessarily benefit from a "battery" of tests.

Swimmers ear does not require antibiotics. Type 2 diabetics do not need drugs--there is no evidence that tight glycemic control benefits.

Feeding tubes for advanced dementia hurt--better to feed small bites.

A lot of pre-op tests are not needed.

The bone density DEXA is not needed more than every two years.

Abnormal cervical cells? Wait and see if this persists for two years. Treatment can damage the cervix.

No EEGs for headaches--and MRIs for arthritis are not needed.

Ask--discuss. Insist on it.

My daughter got the throwup stomach bug I had--she needed a doctor's note to not be fired from Wendy's. Urgent Care said they would do a test to see if she was still contagious. Does that exist--who knows? It's very expensive, of course.

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