Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Horrible bosses--no, you can't kill them

CareerBuilder really took me down memory lane on horrible bosses. I had two "real" jobs--one that was highly corporate, paternalistic, sexist, and great paying that lasted 16 years.

I cannot even go into how horrible that was at times--I had a boss who fired people almost every day and then forgot, so we just came back to work.

Anyhow, CareerBuilder names four boss types to watch out for. First is the controlling boss. This is the micromanager who wants to know and basically do it all him or herself. Response: Break the task down to steps and ask for control over a step or two..."Why not let me create the list..." etc.

The wishy-washy boss is slow to make decisions or makes half-decisions. "Let's see how this goes."
 The best response is to think it through and offer a couple of specific options.

The unreasonable boss. This is the boss who asks you to work around the clock. Your response is to have the boss put the tasks in order of priority.

The tyrant--oh yes--is the boss who yells and screams. You may try going to human resources. But usually moving away and changing your name is best.

Kidding, kidding...but this last guy, I know him. And he is dead now and I am not. That may give you some comfort.

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