Thursday, March 28, 2013

Watch that computer behavior--could be a setup

Geoffrey A. Fowler, WSJ, Mar 27, 2013, says some companies are getting crazy sneaky--my term, not his.

They send around some irresistible kitty picture--such as a cat with a purple mohawk, dubbed Dr Zaius--and see which employees click on it.


This means the employee might click on some cyberattack (presumably by someone other than a punk cat).

It's a gotcha service, one guy said proudly.

New York state did this--sent out a phishing email to see if they could get people to reveal their passwords. Fifteen percent went for it. After being scolded, the next time only 8% did.

One company setting up such stings is PhishMe Inc in Chantilly, VA.

Another thing these so-called "ethical hackers" do is toss around disks or thumb drives marked confidential to see if employees will open them. Sure enough. Then the device snaps a picture of the employee!

They have many other tricks as well.

What a world.

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