Monday, March 11, 2013

What's up with this Sheryl Sandberg?

She is a big fromage, second in command at Facebook, and now has a book out called Lean In, lecturing women on how to make it in a man's world.

A man's world--really? That's sarcasm.

She rode her Harvard degree to Google, then Zuckerburg of Facebook came a'callin'--and she would have taken the first offer, if her also incredibly rich dotcom hubs had not told her to negotiate for a man's salary.

Thanks, hon.

From this, she apparently deduced that women were their own worst enemy when it came to breaking into the executive suite. Not assertive enough--credited other people, working hard, not their skill sets, for their success.

Maybe women, many anyhow, really don't want the big job, the travel, the isolation, the pressure, the high heels.

Ever think of that?

How about that gal at Yahoo who suddenly asked telecommuting employees to move back to the office, lifestyle be damned--she had HER private nursery, even though she paid for it herself.

All I want to know is do these people know they are standing on the shoulders of some now-anonymous "fems" to even get the chance to write these books and paddle around in these gazillions of bucks.

Sandberg is worried about leaving good "choices" to her kids, now 5 and 7. Worry about them now--just making sure you or your husband, one of you, is home before bedtime and maybe even for dinner is not enough.

Now who's lecturing--but you get where I am going.

I am sure she will say women cannot work together, I am a mean girl, blah blah. Well, say on, baby. Some of us have indeed come a long way.

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