Monday, March 25, 2013

Yoops, tpyo

I have a decent excuse--I can't see well--three L's in a row look like two L's in a row to me--but misspellings and careless stuff in applications, cover letters, and memos can brand you negatively.

Anita Bruzzese, Gannett, quotes Brenda Greene and Helen Cunningham, authors of The Business Style Handbook.

People are writing more now, not less--and not just the sloppy tweety style, either.

Pause before hitting send. Even an email to a coworker may be forwarded someplace.

Fat thumbs can screw up on the phone, too. This could matter.

Take a second to see if a company name or division is correct--should it be capitalized?

Imagine your work on the front page of the newspaper...

What? Silly puppy--what's a newspaper?

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