Friday, April 5, 2013

Are you thrilled with employer training?

Jennifer Agiesta and Sam Hananel, AP, say that 65% of jobs added since the recession (supposedly) ended in in 2009 were low-wage.

Two-thirds of employers say they offer mentoring or training--but only 36% of low-wage workers report that their employers have such programs.

Do they even know?

Seventy-one percent of employers rated education important--only 41% of low-age workers thought it was.

As one professor put it, "All the training in the world isn't addressing the fact that wages are declining and good jobs are just not available for the vast majority of workers."

Very few workers--or companies--take advantage of govt programs, either.

So what is the answer. Are we doomed before we even try?

I believe that employers need to train people up--the govt cannot pay for it anymore.

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