Monday, April 8, 2013

Dude! I mean, sir

The Center for Professional Excellence at York College of Pennsylvania (sad face) says they asked a bunch of recruiters in many industries about the new crop of grads and more than a third said professionalism has decreased in the past five years.

Nearly half said the work ethic had lessened.

The young employees often seemed arrogant, either during interviews or on the job. They show up with a sense of entitlement. Me? Photocopy stuff? Seriously?

OK--let's review. Here are the marks of professionalism: Appropriate appearance, punctuality, regular attendance, honesty, attentiveness, and finishing a task.

One big thing these newbies often do wrong--model themselves after other new hires, rather than more experienced workers or bosses.

Oh--and these inexperienced ones also while away time on their phones.

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