Monday, April 22, 2013

Follow your passion--bad advice?

I recently read some outtakes from a commencement address. It said the repeated advice to follow your passion in life is horrible advice.

The speaker said what if your passion was singing bad karaoke or dealing coke?

Some people don't even have passions.

The speaker's advice was do something valuable--let the problems of the world guide you.

Leave the world a better place. In other words.

Behaving altruistically makes people healthier and happier--there are studies.

Even if you are not volunteering, paid work that helps others is more satisfying. It gets you out of bed--people are depending on you.

The speaker also said (and this is arguable) that people compete for money, fame, power, and status but in trying to help others, there is little competition.

I guess not having competition is comforting--but I am not even sure that is true. Just ask yourself--Who is benefiting from what I did today--if it's only you, think about it.

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