Friday, April 19, 2013

Let's hear it for divas

Elizabeth Bernstein, WSJ, Apr 9, 2013, says divas need make no apologies. Good! Because I have a cute tanktop that reads "DIVA" and I try to live up to my shirt.

Divas have confidence, even a little arrogance. They want things their way. They are high performance narcissists, Bernstein says...hey, isn't narcissism a mental illness...

Wait--some divas are front and center--but make room for others. Whew, more like it.

Having a "healthy" diva around brings a lot of sparkle, said one expert.

Healthy divas stand up for others.

They are self-aware and if they ask for (OK, demand) something, they know they are worth it. They deliver 150%!

And above all, I think, divas are interesting, they bring energy, even if it's because people talk about what a diva they are.

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