Monday, April 1, 2013

Military says "sorry" to most applicants

Ever think, well, if all else fails, I can join the military?

Maybe not.

Arthur Sloan, a columnist for the Arizona Republic, said out here 85% of those who visit the recruiters are turned down.

Why? Law violations, health problems, low test scores, earlobe stretchers, and to some extent, being fat.

It breaks down this way: 41.6% are declined for medical reasons, criminal history or having too many dependents.

20.2% are ineligible due to lack of education or low Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery scores.

14.8% exceed body fat standards.

That leaves 7.7% qualified to enlist.

True, fewer are needed now, but this is a pretty small pool. Some tattoos can even keep you out of the Army--along with those earlobe stretchers, presumably.

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