Monday, April 15, 2013

Up, up, up--time to feng shui for spring

Calling all couch spuds--it's spring. Time to freshen things up. Dr Andie T Pearson, DMD, of Chicago Healers ( says blocked energy flow (or in my mind, ugliness) leads to mental confusion, sickness, anxiety, money problems, and a host of problems.

Much of feng shui--the Chinese art of placement--is decluttering. There are also "schools" of philosophy in it, but some simple steps can help.

Decluttering is the first step.

Clear the space, make repairs, including windows, shelves, floors, carpets. I need to do this because my office floor is unpainted concrete. Long story.

Anyhow, go through your possessions--keep, pass along, or sell. Make piles. Clear bathroom cabinets of old soap, expired meds, torn towels.

To fend shui your car, completely clean out the interior. Take out the scrapers and extra wiper fluid and put in summer supplies such as folding chairs and sports equipment.

Now, the yard--clean up winter debris, cut spring weeds, repair fences (I did that last weekend), clean water fixtures and pumps. We need to do the last one--our fish can't fix their own pond.

Well, now...feel better, more motivated?

Me, I need a nap.

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