Thursday, April 18, 2013

What do workers really want?

Have you heard about Google's fabulous free meals--they are designed to keep you at work for many, many hours. And--aw--the IRS may consider them taxable.

Anyhow, what do workers really want--what attracts them? Besides having a job in the first place.

CareerBuilder says 72% of employers will increase pay levels this year and 47% will offer higher starting salaries.

But money isn't everything. (They say.)

People also want growth opportunities--a path, variety.

Flexibility also ranks high--this would be the work-at-home sometimes option or attention to work-life balance.

Bennies also need to be competitive within the industry--meaning health insurance, educational, vacation time, and bonuses.

I would say people will go to an interesting place, with a future, and one that respects what they bring.

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