Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Attention foreign students

Following the disgusting and appalling Boston bombing, the Dept of Homeland Security has ordered border patrol agents to be sure incoming foreign students have a valid student visa.

Now there's an idea.

I am shocked that so many people come and go, la-de-dah, on any old scrap of paper they can flash or buy. Those supposed refugees, fleeing alleged death or torture, go back for vacays? I wouldn't. But I don't know the system, and they do!

And they know the student visa info was not at the border outposts. So now they will try to check each person on the flight manifests. Didn't one of those bombers have his name spelled two ways?

Sounds pretty flimsy to me. I heard that a fifth of people with a student visa never show up at a school--they blend into America. Where are they now? Who knows?

How about synching up the computer programs or something!? A "flag" in one system hits all--or it's all one system. Isn't that what computers are for?

Maybe I am a DREAMER.

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