Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Before you leave on your trip

Your super good buddies over at the credit bureau Experian have some tips for your vacation planning.

Do not announce travel plans or dates on Facebook or elsewhere.

Use only ATMs at banks.

Lock valuables in hotel safes.

Carry only necessary cards--leave the rest at home.

Notify your credit card company of your plans so they don't block a card thinking it's not you.

Protect your cellphone with a password, using a GPS app to find the phone if it's stolen.

Leave the laptop at home or at least update antivirus and anti-spyware.

Do not do financial transactions on wifi.

See what pluses you get on your credit card--such as secondary car rental insurance, discounts on luggage forwarding, enhanced lost luggage benefits, maybe even those nice lounges in airports.

Credit cards offer better exchange rates and money back--just pay balances promptly.

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