Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bringing home the bacon...

According to Brigid Schulte, Wash Post, May 28, 2013, 40% of mothers are the family breadwinner.

This represents a sweeping change in a few short decades, she says.

The number of married mothers who out-earn their husbands has quadrupled since 1960--to 15% in 2011.

A lot of this change came due to the great recession (what is so great about it, I want to know).

Still, Americans are ambivalent about moms working outsde the home.  Eighty percent think mothers should not return to the Donna Reed model, but half think mothers should stay home with the kids.


Women also tend to be better educated than their spouses.

Still, husbands can have a hard time with this.

My former parter of nine years was fine with me earning the money. Go know. Actually, he did the cooking---yes, bacon.

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