Thursday, May 9, 2013

Companies may adjust to their new crop

Somewhere down below on here I suggest that companies may have to bend a little to the more casual approach of today's young people. Aja Hood wrote about this for the AZ Republic, May 8, 2013.

For one thing, younger people have high expectations of management--they want to be promoted more frequently and be given more slack.

Those 47 and under are called Generation Y, he says. (I have wondered--there are so many names floating around.)

This group wants a promotion every two years. They don't see this is not automatic and is based on performance--they are used to being told they are great and doing well. they assume their performance is fine--so where's the money and increased responsibility?

Eight-four percent think they have a right to work at home.

Sometimes a company is not growing as fast as the employees are.

One good technique for companies is to bring the more junior members to the table, get their ideas, implement their ideas, get them to buy in.

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