Friday, May 10, 2013

Day care for Mom and Dad

When my kid was little, even though I worked at home, she had to go to all-day daycare. I could work while she napped until she was about 2. But then this became impossible.

Janelle Nanos writes about new office space for part-timers--that includes a teacher and child area.

It's called Plug & Play in Austin, TX, but there are more--Bean Work Play Cafe (Atlanta), Motherfields (Portland, OR), Mothership HackerMoms (Berkeley).

These are described as Cheerio-free workplaces where adults can have grownup company and interaction,  with the kids nearby.

Almost 43 million people are "untethered" to a workplace. Full-time daycare is EXPENSIVE--don't I know it and this was 30 yrs ago! These places can be as low as $15 a day.

I remember one moment when my toddler daughter answered my work phone. I could hear her end of the conversation. "Hello?...No...She's on the toilet. Bye." SLAM. She hung up.

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