Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dual enrollment doubling up HS and college

With the cost of college approaching a couple of fully loaded Rolls Royces, many places are letting HS students enroll in community college courses while in HS.

By graduation time, the student may also have an associate's degree and can take it to a four-year institution or out into the world.

The community colleges train HS teachers to teach the courses and the kids attend in their HS setting.

The cost out here in AZ, where this is popular, can be $76 a credit hour for the dual enrollment classes, compared with $135 to $945 at nearby colleges.

This is not some "gut" program--gung-ho great students do it. Some said they stay up until 2 or 3 AM but got it done.

One parent describes it as "knocking out the general electives."

Ask your child's counselor or your local communinty college to see if something like this is available.

Be bold--new educational models are popping up everyday!

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