Thursday, May 2, 2013

Employees of interest: Tracking in the office

Rachel Emma Silverman, WSJ, March 7, 2013, says some companies are wiring up employees with tracking devices to see how they move around and interact.

Anyhow, Bank of America did this to 90 volunteers for a few weeks to record their movements and tone of their conversations. The most productive workers were in close-knit teams and talked with their colleagues.

So the bank scheduled group breaks and productivity rose 10%.

Some sensors are placed in office furniture to see how often people get up.

Some say the line is fine between Big Data and Big Brother--but the companies answer that smartphones can already be tracked.

Does this not beg the question--should they be?

The companies adjusted the size of lunch tables, made depts get coffee together.

It's not illegal, the companies maintain.

Yeah, well...

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