Thursday, May 23, 2013

Have you seen the movie COMPLIANCE?

This could be considered a workplace cautionary tale. It is a combination of a number of cases in which a skilled con man talked fast food managers into strip searching employees in the back room.

If you think naw, this could not happen--watch the movie.

Anyone--dumb or smart--can get caught up in a con. In the movie, a so-called police officer calls a fast food manager and says one of her employees stole from a customer.

Using a combination of  cajoling, praise, and intimidation, this con man, who is apparently getting off on control and manipulation, talks a series of individuals into mentally and physically abusing this woman.

There were moments when the comments the man made were so inappropriate, you think ANYONE would call BS--do you think you would?

It poses an interesting conundrum. Supposedly this happened 70 times or more.

Have you ever been talked into something at work that did not smell right, but you went along?

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