Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mommy, where do ideas come from?

Sue Shellenbarger, WSJ, Apr 3, 2013, wades into the question of where creativity comes from?

We have been kicking this around on Linked In--some say 10% of people are "creative," others say it can be taught.

The creatives in this story think the best way to tempt the muse to join you is to step away, have a drink, look at something the color green (very conducive, fertility, renewal--there is science).

I also think curiosity is an element. Curious people get into things. They are distractable--piling in a lot of imputs that may (or may not) rearrange themselves into a neat concept.

Ideas often come when doing nothing special--showering, falling sleep--transition times, they call these.

Focusing in on a solution may be counterproductive and shut out other elements of the solution.

Drinking moderately can loosen connections for those thus inclined.

I dreamed the idea for a screenplay about eight years ago--the dream picked up on a second night. Now I am working on it.

Yes, that was a long gestation period. This can also involve being lazy.

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