Friday, May 3, 2013

RANT: Why is Craiglist such an unreliable mess?

I must be a glutton for bad service, because I try to give listers on Craigs a throw--time and time again.

The latest was my wooden fence--one 8-foot section was sagging and had missing boards.

My first Craigs bid was $500. I laughed.

The second was $300. I said not so much. I figured maybe $50 an hour for a couple of hours.

The third was an older guy--$200, including materials. I said, OK, and we agreed he would come the next day. He never showed. He said he forgot he was going to a yard sale.

Then, I got a guy who talked a great game--he was a vet, he had beat cancer, on and on. He charged $65 an hour--maybe three hours---how about $200 flat? I said, well, OK...He ran to the store and got boards.

In an hour he said he was done. I am too laid up with arthritis to walk back there. My daughter was asleep. So I paid.

Turns out he was a joke, his 6-mo guarantee of the work was a bigger joke, he never replaced the post, and he left the old boards lying around. No calls returned. No emails returned.

My head is spinning with outrage--I know one of his other clients, I could try to find him there. I would sue in small claims.

It only costs $25 to place an ad--I guess it really attracts the low rent crowd. But I don't feel like paying more than a hundred a year to be on Angie's. And apparently my fence guy has good reviews there--so how much is THAT worth?

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