Monday, May 13, 2013

Want to work for the feds--read and learn first

Some people still think they want a "good government job." If you do, Joyce Lain Kennedy, Tribune Media Services, has some advice.

A reader said he or she kept applying for government jobs and has had zero success.

She told this person they might lack the qualifications, but were they sure they had not done a slapdash job of reading the job notice?

She was quoting Kathryn Troutman of The Resume Place, who says listing officers often write long, involved requirements to see if people are reading.

If they can "score down" your app or toss it, they will.

There is also the "Occupational Questionnaire" in the government hiring process. This contains documents and references allowing them to double check your resume--and they will!

Before you do anything federal-wise, go to This site is a goldmine of info, Kennedy says.

The website is also good.

I would add--because I used to do my ex's federal apps--this is not something you do in 15 minutes. Those KSAs, in particular--a long narrative statement of Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities--used to reduce me to near-tears.

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